“Thank you for bringing our lives together. Your words and your voice will be heard in our hearts and memories for the rest of our days…You truly are a special person.”

Jerry & Michaele

“You never know what to expect when you are planning something from out of state, we were pleased with everything, thank you. We thought you did a great job with the ceremony & you were a very calming influence on both of us. We vacation the same two weeks every year in the Outer Banks. If we ever decide to renew our vows, you’lll be the first to know!”

Cheryl & Frank

“Our wedding ceremony outlived my expectations of the beauty of the day with your poetic words and easygoing attitude. There are surprises every day in life! You are a brightly spirited lady, our wedding was more than I dreamed of, thank you!”

Mrs Telles

“Our flowers were absolutely gorgeous! My Mom has dried them for me so I can keep them. We knew from the moment we met you that you were a very special lady and we are blessed to have you marry us. I know our marriage will be off to a great start.”

Katie & Patrick

“A note of gratitude and praise for the outstanding job you did for my daughter’s wedding. I was at a bit of a loss over the non-secular nature of the ceremony Megan and Justin wanted. You created a service that was perfect for them and for our families with the right blend of solemnity and humor. Your calm grader amid the chaos before the ceremony heped to ground and focus us all. Your exceptional presence and bearing brought the proper authority to the occasion which speaks well of your professionalism, but also of your talent, for certainly this business of marrying people requires a special gift and clearly you have it.”


“We’re coming up on our one year anniversary, but it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long! Just wanted to send a looong overdue THANK YOU to you. You made our ceremony so special (people thought you had known us for years) & we certainly appreciate the extra lengths you went to in helping us plan the whole event! We were easily able to personalize our ceremony from the ideas on your website. We still get comments about how our ceremony was so touching & refreshing. I look forward to renewing our vows on the Outer Banks someday. Until then, peace! P.S. Chrissy (our matron of honor) & Mike (the best man) are due to have a baby on 1/28–more magic from the wedding, I say.”

Melinda & Daniel

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